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This really is an wonderful written write-up, Thanks for yet a different insightful post, as consistently!

That was a great scented sachet project so creative. Keep up the good work.


wow! how did you discover this one? Hmm I love it! Really artsy!

I truly love your blog! I like the idea of the pillows with the stamps on them. I am going to try your project! Have a great Holiday!! Lovlee

oh my gosh!! sooo wonderful!! I will so have to try to make some sweetie!! hope you are having a fantastic day!! xoxo Britt

Lisa I have been away much too long everything is so wonderful I mean wonderful....so many great ideas and the diversity blows me away!!! xoxox Jennifer

These are great! Thanks for sharing.

wow, fantastic project I will definitely have to give this a try! Also I cannot believe you have an Emmy!!! Wow what an achievement! Congrads!

These are gorgeous! And it looks like I might even be able to do this. Wonderful instructions and great pictures. Thanks!

Fabulous Lisa! I'm going to have to try this one!

Hey Pretty Lady,
You need a book deal. You're just too darned good at everything and you're an excellent teacher. I love reading your tutorials and your photos are fantastic.
Happy Autumn!

You are soooo talented! Hillary H. just posted your LO for the NYC Scraps charity class (and a link to your blog) and I absolutely love it. I'm bookmarking your blog! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Those are so cool! That one stamp reminds me of my little miss. Thanks for always sharing such great, inspiring projects.

Congrats on the article and thanks so much for sharing it here on your blog...you have such great ideas, thanks!

Congrats on the article - how cool is that?! I love your projects and your blog. Thanks for sharing with us.

wow congrats on the article. THe project is so beautiful. ANd so easy. My mother would love a gift like this!I guess I know what i'm sneaking into her stocking this year!

Those are just simply delightful!!!

Those would make wonderful little gifts and the season getting closer.

What a beautiful, creative blog you have with lots of wonderful ideas. Lovely to stop by. Nel

Thanks for giving me the idea of what to make for Christmas, Lisa. I wish I am that creative.


Hi Lisa,

I want to tell you thanks for your blog. I find it so inspiring! It is the first I've read, but since then I have read others. I really enjoy that you have many creative interests. I found your bolg by reading romantic homes and I wanted to order the stamps you used in the article. I just order the sweet girl today and I am looking forward to making the sachet.I also like that you offered more information on your blog pages. I also enjoyed the the book 601 great scrapbook ideas, that you blog spoke about. I found a copy on ebay for a steal. There are a couple of photos with your sweet kids. you are very talented and are blessed with the two kids. They look hug-gable! Anyways I enjoy your blog. When I finish my sachet, I wonder if you would let me send one to you as a gift? keep on craftin
thanks Nanette

I remember that article! Your sachets are beautiful! I love to make them too - lavender is one of my favorite things.

WOW Lisa!
These are simply amazing!!!
I love the vintage stamps you used (just perfect with the linen), and yet again you offer such great tips and advice for getting it all looking perfect.

Beautiful Lisa! What a neat idea for a small thank you gift or stocking stuffer!

I am absolutely in love with this project!! Thank you so much!!

What a lovely little project Lisa! I appreciate that it is simple to make but looks very expensive.

Thanks Lisa, you've inspired me once again. I've never even done rubber stamping before, just don't know what kind of project to get started with but as I'm drawn to fabric, your article gives me inspiration now to put the two together. I love lavender too so may make a lavender bag to start.

What a beautiful idea - I have an Auntie who I just know would love one of these for Christmas.

I was wondering if you had any suggestions on where to get such beautiful stamps on the web?

Regards from Australia.

I've never thought about stamping fabric! That's great - now if only I had your beautiful stamps! :) Thanks for sharing and congrats for the mag feature!

Gorgeous Lisa! Did I know you were in that lovely magazine? I don't think so! How beautiful and what a thrill for you! You always have the most amazing ideas. Your mom must be more than proud, what a great job she did in raising you! I'm proud of you too!!!

Happy day,

Thank you so much for sharing that. They are simple to make but so beautiful. I will make some for Christmas gifts, for sure.

This is just fantastic Lisa!!! What a great project and oh so beautiful the sachets are. I have a few stamps myself, but they are not this big. Gosh, the stamps are sooo very lovely! And congratulations with your contribution in Romantic Homes Magazine, it is fantastic! No wonder, you are very talented.

What an Inspration you are Lisa, I really mean it!
A couple of days ago I started embroidering, I tried out something new. I just have to wait now and see how it will turne out. This Autumn I will trie to be more Adventurous, trie something totally new. I will shure pass by more often, great days for blogging and beeing creative.

Take good care Lisa and have a wonderful week!
Hugs and greetings

Wonderful and beautiful project! Thanks for the instructions. I might just try this one! Beautiful blog- Traci sent me over from hers.

first of all, congrats on being featured in the magazine. exciting. second, lisa strikes again. what a beautiful project!! and you know what? it looks easy enough for me to do. they are great. thanks lisa!!

You share THE BEST ideas. Gorgeous sachets and I think it's because of the beautiful rubber stamps. I've learned lots from this post. I have never been able to find a permanent ink for stamping (I like to use them for quilt labels) and I had no idea about quilt sealer. Wonderful post.

wow... those are gorgeous Lisa. You always come up with amazing projects! can I pick your brain? LOL :)

Wow, another cool project Lisa! And a new way to use my bucketload of stamps! Thanks!

You made this so easy to follow. And the images are lovely.

It is gratifying to know that some of that jabbering that I did when you were young did not go in one ear and out the other ear. Hand-crafted items take time and care and those who receive them know that they are truly from the heart. These are lovely gifts. Thanks for the tutorial. Love,your Mother Woman

I love this project Lisa and I really like how you've used rubber stamps for the imagery on the fabric. Great idea!

Beautiful little gift and beautiful packaged as well.... thanks for the "how to" .....this might be another thing to do with my original faces....

What a beautiful gift those sachets make! Thanks for the tutorial! =)

Ya know, you are so talented!!! This is such a terrific idea!

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