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Hey Lisa,

Congratulations on your recongnition of great craft work. I was so excited when I read it. I know you're having a lot of fun. Also, I'm still working on getting the blog setup.

Your photography is STUNNING! I feel like I'm standing over your shoulder reading along with you. You have an amazing eye for detail, not only with your crafts, but the way you make a one dimensional object, (photo) come alive and appear as if it's in 3D. Love the blog.

Oh my gosh, Lisa! That quilt is beautiful! I will have to bookmark this and try to make one too, when I find some spare time.

Stunning quilt!! Absolutely lovely.
Just wanted to say congrats on your feature in Romantic Homes! I recognized you right away and was thrilled to see you featured...you deserve the recognition for such a great and inspiring blog!
xo natalea

Thank you sweetly for your visit tonite :)
What a fabulous post, Im a huge collector of old quilts adn yours are wonderful!

Hi Lisa! I found you from Tara...oooh my gosh! What beauty you create. I have NO talent for sewing and really admire those who can AND do...Beautiful work! I really enjoyed my visit to your blog. xoxo ~ Joy J.

LISA!!!! Hey congrats on your blog mention in Romantic Homes! SO deserved!!!!! I was so excited when I opened it up and saw you in there!!
Jen R

Wow! You are the Queen of making things. fabulous.
It is an honor to be mentioned in the Romantic Homes Magazine blog column with you.:)
xo Lidy

Hi Lisa,

Lovely quilt and perfect tutorial. Thanks for taking all of us on a free trip around the world! And to think we didn't need to bring any luggage! Heehee. You're amazing. Btw, interesting to learn about your father being a director of the Peace Corps.

Take care friend.

Hi, I followed the link to you from Hughes & Nordberg, congratulations. Thhis quiult is amazing..i love the colours
Lisa (2) x

This is a beautiful quilt! And I love the toile backing idea. I feel like we're sharing a brain lately as I've been short on blogging and long on quilting lately. Also you've really inspired me to make memory books for my family. It's nice to peek in and say hello. Ciao!

This is a beautiful quilt! And I love the toile backing idea. I feel like we're sharing a brain lately as I've been short on blogging and long on quilting lately. Also you've really inspired me to make memory books for my family. It's nice to peek in and say hello. Ciao!

Now that's clever! Beautiful quilt and I love the toile on the edge!


What a beautiful quilt!!! Wonderful that you shared with us how you did it.

That is sooooo lovely! The green toile is one of my favorites. Your tutorial makes it look so easy! I know its not....lol

You have a beautiful blog, Lisa. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. I enjoy your visits.

Oh my! That quilt is gorgeous!
I love the toile scalloped border. And I agree, the back is as pretty as the front.

It remindes me of the french Whole Cloth quilts.
One day I'll find the patience to quilt.

Kimberly :)

Lisa, this is a beautiful quilt! I love the colors you used and the backing is gorgeous. Your quilting directions are superb and I'm sure would be so easy to follow.

Lisa, that is a beautiful quilt. The colors are gorgeous!! I too love toile.

Oooo Lisa, you surely have the energy needed for a trip around the world. Such a beautiful quilt is the result!

love this. i have the pattern and just havn't done anything with it yet! Do you do your own quilting? hand .. or machine?

You know I've seen these quilts and I"m always amazed at the work involved. But you've made it more logical. Great!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Lisa, I admire your ability (and patience) with your tutorials almost as much as your obvious crafting talent. I'm gearing up to try some quilting but the instructions usually leave me more confused than ever. Not so with this tutorial! Thank you for making it look so do-able. Oh, and I love toile too - fabulous all round.

The quilt is awesome Lisa! Your talent always amazes me! Everytime!!

Wow, what a beauty!!! I can't believe you made that! Incredible!

wow lisa, that is absolutely beautiful. wish i had your talent.

This is gorgeous, Lisa! Pink, green and white is one of my all time favorite color combos.

I am using that strip piecing technique for a quilt I am working on. It is so fun to just do the long strips. That is the one thing that always discouraged me with quilting--piecing all those little squares. I would never have the patience for that!

Oh wow! I'm so impressed. So, thats how you get all your squares. You sew strips and then cut them! What a clever lady! Thanks for the tutorial....and what a gorgeous trip around the world~!!

thanks for stopping by to see my blog. Your quilt is beautiful and your studio is so nice and big ...aren't you lucky to have such a nice space to work in...everything is so organized!
come visit again!


My sister made my daughter a baby quilt using this pattern. I treasure it. It is thread bare and very soft these days...just the way I like it. A lot of love went in to making the quilt and a lot of love went in to making it soft. The scalloped edge on your quilt is to die for. Lovely!


What a beautiful quilt! I have a longarm machine and I have quilted several "Trip Around The World" quilts for my customers, but I have never made one. Now I just have to find time and do it.

Thank you so much for sharing. I love your blog. You do a beautiful job!

Thanks agian!


What a stunning quilt! Thanks so much for the tutorial.

Hi Lisa!! Yeah, I say WOW everytime I visit! I adore quilts. We are going to use them in abundance at the beach house, even to make slipcovers. You do such beautiful work, I wish I could sew like you! (oh, ok, sewing at all would be a first step).

I am so glad you popped by today, I had just been thinking it was time for a little visit over here!

Happy almost weekend!


You never make me stop saying WOW! Amazing job Lisa!

That was really beautiful. I love the colours. I'm a sucker for green. :D

I discovered your blog while blog-hopping and had to pause long enough to say, "What a gorgeous quilt!" I love your fabric choices and that toile is to die for. Thank you so much for sharing the process. I am so bookmarking your blog!

Another gorgeous project! I love it. My mother made me a beautiful quilt with a toile background in blue, she also adores that fabric. How do you do the scalloped border? Do you cut it like that and then bind it? I've never seen it before, but it adds something so lovely to a quilt.

Love it

I just LOVE seeing your projects. You are so blessed with many talents. I went back to work when my daughter started college,now I wish that I would have done more crafting and quilting when I was at home...MISSY

That's a beautiful quilt. You do such a wonderful job. I have been a lurker but I love your work and your nice photos of the process. Thank so much for the inspiration.

another toile lover! i am enjoying your step by step process. thanks!


How pretty! I enjoyed seeing how it went together also.

Lisa, you never cease to amaze me with your talents. And I am *so* going to buy one of those presser feet for my machine!

P.S. I'm doing a giveaway on my blog, so check it out!

I have done just that! Made a Trip Around The World quilt. I made it in the early 1990's, and my eldest daughter now has it. I made it in bright, cheerful colors of red, blue, yellow and and green. Yours is lovely with the toile. Wish I'd thought of that backing when I was making quilts! I usually just used the muslin of old.

Beautiful Quilt. I love your colour choices and I definitely share your love of toile. I'm always looking for projects that can take advantage of these beautiful prints.

I really like your quilt. "Trip Around the World" - a traditional pattern popular in early America in the Amish and Mennonite communities - was the second quilt that I ever made many years ago. It is a great pattern for beginners - it's easy and the outcome is so satisfying that it builds confidence.

Wow, how lucky you were to have been able to travel like that!!

Beautiful quilt!!

I once began a quilt... it ended up being a small but nice wall hanging.

I tried quilting once...lets just say that it did not work out..

Please stop by my blog and read about a creative contest I am holding with a great prize. If you are not interested - please forward it onto as many people as you can. Thank you!

GORGEOUS! I want to make quilts like you when I grow up. Did you machine quilt it yourself? I'm just down to handsewing the binding on a quilt I made my daughter. It has TONS of mistakes, but I learned a lot, and I had fun overall. I've already started on my next one. I posted the second inspiration piece. It just so happens to be a quilt. I hope you can join us. I love to see your beautiful projects. Talk to ya soon!

Really cool Lisa!

That is gorgeous and a very unique way to make it look like everything is individual.

Hello Lisa, this quilt is beautiful. I love it! Right now I am not so much into sewing but when I see your gorgeous projects, maybe I will try something simple to start with one day soon :-)
Have a nice day! Summerdayblues

What BEAUTIFUL quilts!

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